How To View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords On Android

By | December 9, 2017

We tell you how we can show the Wifi passwords saved in Android so that another person can connect to the network, with a simple application.

One of the most common actions we take when using our mobile phone is obviously to connect to the internet. For that we can use the data network of our mobile operator or a Wi-Fi connection that we have at home, work or a leisure place.


If this last case is normal we may want to remember the password to tell a friend or anyone who is with us and if we do not have the router at hand or if we have changed the default one there is a way to know what that password is looking on our mobile.

Wifi Key Recovery

To obtain this data we will use an application called Wifi Key Recovery that allows us to see the data of each of the wireless networks to which we have connected.

For this we need to have root access and it is that the data we want to get to is protected by the system and without Android root does not show them. If we are not yet we recommend you to go through this section.

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)
Requiere Android 1.6 y versiones superiores

Once done we install the application and open it, looking at all the history of networks to which we have connected.

If there are many and we want to reach a specific one that we do not have visible, we can use the search engine, putting the name of the network or SSID.

If we want to share the password simply click on the Wi-Fi network and select the corresponding option. we can also generate a QR code that can be scanned by another person.

In Xiaomi it is easier and without root

Many people value being able to do this without having to have root access. For how the permissions have been configured in Android is not possible but there are brands that in their modification of the interface include some improvements.

In the case of Xiaomi we can share the key of a Wifi to which we are connected by simply going to the settings, and in the list of networks we click on one, where it puts Touch to share password.

A QR code will be generated that we can scan with any mobile phone and that will give us access to the network to which the Chinese manufacturer’s mobile phone is connected.

This option should come as standard in Android but at the moment it is not like that.